The KindaVillage Project

10 years ago KindaVillage was a vision. 7 years ago the seeds were sown at the Missing Sock in Cambridge. 2 years ago experimentation commenced!

Today, the vision is clear…!

As part of our global aspiration, the time is NOW to set up the first KindaVillage; an intentional community ecovillage project for those with a passion to serve social development.


  • are passionate about making a difference to people, the planet or animals
  • have an entrepreneurial spirit with aspirations to turn a good idea into a social project or social business
  • are committed to working hard to achieve your goals
  • want to do that as part of a supportive intentional community of like-minded individuals
  • want to live and/or work in a way that is self-sustaining and does not cause harm to the environment


  • are looking for support and a base to do it from


If you already give of your time to help others, as part of the social care or charitable sector and would like to continue with that work, but also live within a like-minded community.


We are part of the Missing Kind charity and we enable others to fulfil their social passion. We are actively seeking like-minded individuals to join our team and be the pioneers in building the first of many KindaVillage communities.

The Missing Kind Logo

Pictures of the site we are currently in the process of purchasing.

In our KindaVillage we are passionate about:

  • Social business
  • Empowering people to help others
  • Kindness without boundaries
  • Growing old with dignity and support
  • Organic growing
  • Democratic schooling
  • Sustainable living
  • Our planet and environment
  • Giving back

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