“ The best way to predict the future is to create it ” – Abraham Lincoln

Into The Future

  • The possibilities are endless.
  • We are here to MAKE a DIFFERENCE and empower others to fulfill their dreams of social and environmental change.


  • KindaVillages to spread far and wide internationally from our pilot projects in the UK.
  • To empower individuals in our network to create their own KindaVillage projects based on their own passions.
  • People who we support to support others in their own social and environmental endeavours.
  • To build a network of like-minded individuals and organisations who share the same values and strive for positive social and environmental change.
  • To find corporate partners gifting redundant ‘grey’real estate for conversion into ‘green’ urban eco-communities
  • A fairer economy based on shared resources and sufficiency
  • a community care system from birth to a death, where caring for our aged is a privilege
  • An education system for the new generation that protects against conformity and develops free expression.  A less self-driven curriculum where success is shared


It all depends very much on who comes along, what their ideas are, how we make those ideas into a reality.

THE DOOR IS OPEN – we just need committed and benevolent people to step through it..!