It’s not about my way, it’s not about your way; it’s about a better way, a higher way.

The KindaVillage Project

10 years ago KindaVillage was a vision.
4 years ago the seeds were sown with the founding of The Missing Kind.
2 years ago community experimentation commenced.
Today, the vision is reality…

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The Kindavillage is a visionary project of ‘The Missing Kind’, a development of our first sustainable kindness community.  With well-being and sufficiency at its core, an innovative social impact centre supporting the local community, creating national initiatives and inspiring global change.

We are currently seeking pioneers, volunteers, and social Impact partners to put this together, those in search of a kinder and balanced world in which to live.

Our call goes out to those that have a project, a passion and a commitment to kindness.  Those in need of resource and community to support the realisation of their project.

If life’s getting on top of you and you need a break to get back to yourself; or get away from it all and learn a new skill; then we have a great range of retreats and events just for you. Click the button for details.

Delivering the mission of ‘The Missing Kind’Charity. The KindaVillage will accommodate the Base Camp of the tMK charity. Offering personal development, staff employment and Social Enterprise initiatives to the districts of Ceredigion and Carmarthen.

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In our KindaVillage we are passionate about:

  • Social business
  • Empowering people to help others
  • Kindness without boundaries
  • Growing old with dignity and support
  • Organic growing
  • Democratic schooling
  • Sustainable living
  • Our planet and environment
  • Giving back
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