About the Founder

Some words from the founder and driving force behind the Missing Kind (tMK) charity and the KindaVillage concept, Hugh Callacher:-

About the Founder

I am only the first –  there will be many more Founders passionately developing the KindaVillage concept, making it a legacy for all those wishing for a more just life. Each will have their own passions for Social Justice.  I hope to be superseded soon as I have some catching up to do with the front-line kindness. I also wish to become a more worthy and professional trustee for tMK.

I hold a lifetime quest to establish a self-funded sustainable community, a catalyst for global expansion without ownership. Securing the sustainability through ethical Social Enterprises and Co-Operatives; businesses that offer ‘Kindness Warriors’ purposeful employment, affordable housing and projects serving their instinctive need to care and return kindness through the community. KindaVillage is that vehicle, a community demonstrating the wealth in sufficiency for a healthy, happy, purposeful life from birth to a contented death.

The middle ground between commerce and charity, well-being and unhealthy habits, something I personally find most difficult to find, hence most of my work has become facilitation and support to passionate carers. Purism is not me, but I respect and support the principles of it and an eco-village life-style which must be a key aspect of KindaVillage.

I am not an active social care worker, but so thankful for all those Kindness Champions who are gifted so – my most passionate mission is to support such people with facilities and facilitation.  I am not even a dedicated Vegan or Vegetarian (a hypocrite to some) but so thankful to the many who are – these continue to influence my awareness and mindfulness in food consumption, at such a late stage in my life too!

What compromise on ethics is the big question for me? Ethics that inspire but don’t alienate, ethics that enable us to touch the most and lead into transition, just like myself. The overall concept of the Missing Kind charity and KindaVillage is a pragmatic one so we can best serve the passions of many sectors, penetrating the mechanisms that we often most dislike so we may influence change from within; starting with compromise, not purism, although we support the drive towards that goal.

With the power of kindness we can inspire a change in belief and educational systems, we can slowly open closed minds, we can stimulate vision and a courage to make change towards a respectful life for all.  I personally need to slow the drive and focus on kindness to myself and those closest in delivering this legacy.

KindaVillage is on offer to those who wish to serve social justice and environmental change.

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