“ Generosity is what keeps the things we own from owning us ” – Unknown

Overview for Sponsors & Partners

The Missing Kind charity (tMK) is building the first of hopefully many KindaVillages on its beautiful 80 acre farm in the Teifi Valley, Wales, UK. KindaVillages will not only contain housing and social businesses, they will deliver many other activities that will benefit the local community and the natural environment.  We are creating this first one in Wales as a reference model that we hope others will follow.

The concept of the KindaVillage project is to prove that it is possible to live and work in a sustainable way through mindful business; both in terms of the quality of living for those involved, and in minimising the effects of human living and working on the natural environment. At the same time, we will be creating a platform for affordable eco-living and promoting social enterprise and co-operatives as ideal business models; incubating new socially conscious enterprises that will go on to help yet more people and the environment with their sustainable charitable activities.

KindaVillages will provide a multitude of socio-economic benefits to the locality and community in which they are located . The size and impact of this first and all following KindaVillages will depend on funding.

The Missing Kind and its KindaVillage team are investing heavily in this first KindaVillage to maximise its impact and success, to showcase the huge potential for community impact and corporate branding. We’re offering sponsors an amazing outlet for community development, employee participation and pride – unities based on their location and personal preferences for social impact – branded villages to make the Shareholders and Directors proud.  Let us take care of your Social Responsibility…

How you will benefit

Corporate Businesses:

We will be promoting the project globally as a model for others to follow and copy. Anyone helping us achieve this dream can only benefit from this global exposure.
The Missing Kind is about changing mind-sets; influencing businesses and people to think differently and make the world a better place. Enabling and Empowering people to do good. We are looking for business partners that want to use their profits to make a REAL difference in the world. We can offer you accreditation, reporting, PR, glorification!! We can even ‘brand’ the village with your name so it becomes known widely as the village you sponsored. On the plus side for you as caring individuals working within business, by choosing this initiative to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, you will know that your contribution will enable much more than any cheque you hand over as a charitable donation, as the social businesses we create through the project will go on to benefit many more people and causes. And let’s not forget that it will tick all the right boxes for you in terms of being a ‘Green’ project too!


Local Authorities:

Having a KindaVillage in a particular location will bring many socio-economic benefits to that area in terms of: housing, jobs, training, start-up business, social wellbeing services, local community interaction and projects, education, tourism. Due to our ethos we will actively seek to provide opportunities and services in all these areas for the under-privileged, elderly and disadvantaged. It will tick many local authority strategic boxes, including the Environmental ones!

Charitable Foundations:

Funders will find the activities planned at KindaVillage will meet many criteria in their quest to make a big social or environmental impact with their grants. We will be seeking to partner long term if possible with several key funders and welcome any interest in joining us in our quest to make this a local, then national, then global movement. We also seek funders who want to register their interest in supporting some of our social entrepreneur start-ups as and when they are created.

Mindful Family Real Estate Investment:

We reckon this one is inspirational…invest in a holiday home lease with a difference, put on it a beautiful lakeside eco-chalet, mobile shepherd’s hut or tiny home in the natural and spiritual beauty of the KindaVillage. You are buying into an eco-family, a network of people, far beyond the boundary of the village, serving kindness. There is no better place to gift your family or friends: a retreat to rest mind and body, a place to reflect, rest and be thankful, a nurturing place with mother nature to realign your values and priorities, a legacy for your family for generations to come.

Angel Investors:

If you are on a mission to use your personal finances to leave behind a positive legacy, making a real difference to people, planet or animals, then we would be grateful to share that objective and help you deliver it .

How you can help

  • Funds towards delivery of the overall 1st KindaVillage project
  • Donation of land/assets/goods for future KindaVillages
  • Donation of ‘grey’ buildings in cities for our future urban KindaVillage project
  • Funds towards an individual social business start-up
  • Set up regular donations from corporate profits to The Missing Kind to run its various projects
  • Become a business mentor to our social entrepreneurs
  • Become a trustee of the Missing Kind charity
  • Provide free professional services to our social entrepreneurs
  • Buy a land lease for a KindaVillage holiday home, donating those empty weeks to those in need of respite or recovery

If you feel as passionate as we do about making a difference in the world and you think you have something to offer towards social justice, then please do get in touch so we can brainstorm together.