A job-share scheme designed to give an equal opportunity for those who struggle to hold full-time employment

KindaJob – Giving hope to the Unemployed

A job-share scheme designed to give an equal opportunity for those who struggle to hold full-time employment due to mental/physical disablement, homelessness or other circumstance. KindaJob is an initiative facilitated by The Missing Kind charity (tMK), the pilots for which will be hosted within the supporting network venues of the charity.

The charity is kick-starting the initiative in its KindaPlace venue in Paignton, Devon and KindaVillage in Carmarthen, Wales. Each venue will create 3 job-share positions for each full time role under the scheme, each position paid a living wage rate, for a contract period of 6 months.

The team of 3 in each location will be job-trained in all aspects of the vacancy and will support each other in the event of an inability to work.

How it will work?

  1. Recruitment of 3 motivated applicants for each position (A,B and C)
  2. Agree terms of operation and expectation
  3. Train applicants in the duties of the vacancy, donating self time
  4. Job train and agree terms of operation, strengths and weaknesses
  5. Agree days of working for 3 candidates
  6. Establish daily buddy check-in procedure AtoB, BtoC, CtoA.
  7. In event of incapacity to work B covers A, C covers B, A covers C
  8. For downtime in excess of 2 weeks ‘D’ employed as temporary cover. Position held for return when ready when D steps down.
  9. In order to simplify the process and liability for the KindaEmployer, the team will be employed by KindaJob agency who will invoice the employer.

Why would an Employer use this scheme?

  • Ticking of the Social Responsibility box, receiving a ‘KindaEmployer’ accreditation
  • Supporting local community
  • Good value
  • A committed team giving more than the average with a committed mindset
  • Flexible employment with minimum liability

What are the objectives of KindaJob?

Our Values are based on sustainability, to build confidence and self-worth, creating purposeful flexible opportunities for sufficiency and independence, to then deliver social impact to the local community.

  • To create short term flexible employment opportunity and aid future employment opportunities
  • To create long term and full time flexible employment opportunity
  • To achieve fair remuneration, commensurate with achievement
  • To inspire and guide into self-employment and Social Enterprise development, should this be desired
  •  To produce an agency brand of service quality, high ethics and commitment
  • To share and support a global employment scheme for social equality
  • To influence the mindsets of employers into equal opportunity


For more information: hugh@missingkind.org