KindaVillage Activities

The idea is that KindaVillage will build to self-sustainability (and ultimately profit to re-invest) by establishing its social business ventures early on in the process, and that is going to require hard work! But it’s important too that the live-in community and volunteers experience the calmness of being in such an environment by looking after their health and wellbeing and supporting each other.

The activities and social businesses in KindaVillage will be determined by the live-in community, volunteers, employees and social entrepreneurs who engage with us on this project. However, we wanted to give an idea of what types of things we consider KindaVillage could contain. KindaVillage may not have all these things, or may contain entirely different ventures based around the same ideals – we foresee that activities and businesses will build up gradually as each new person joins in. However, this will hopefully give anyone who is interested in joining us a feel for the possibilities.

Here are some ideas of what KindaVillage might contain, dependent on the skills and passions of those who become a part of it:-

Housing & Live-in Community

  • A large communal building for use by live-in community members and volunteer visitors to KindaVillage, which will contain communal cooking, eating and meeting facilities
  • Self-build eco homes for individuals and families living in the Eco quarter
  • Social care provision and supported housing for the disabled or elderly
  • A community garden for outdoor wellbeing and exercise, outdoor cooking and social events and to provide camping space for visitors or travelling volunteers
  • Individual eco lodges for community families who prefer to live in separated space but still be part of the overall community

Social Business Activities

  • HQ for the Missing Kind (tMK) charity, including a support hub for the social businesses at KindaVillage or belonging to the tMK network
  • Use of holiday cottages on site for letting
  • Social Entrepreneur incubation and support hub
  • Organic farm food and ethical products – shop and local sales distribution
  • Environmental/Permaculture/Eco-building/education/visitor centre
  • Hospitality and Events facilities and a hub for charitable or local community projects
  • Alternative schooling: particularly for those children who may be struggling in a standard educational model
  • Creative pursuits, therapies and retreats: art, music, photography, writing, etc.
  • Holistic therapies and retreats, classes and workshops
  • Crafting with nature workshops
  • Weekend ‘in nature’ retreats and camping
  • Charitable activities and business eg. Retreats and rehabilitation for homeless; drug/alcohol services; social and physical wellbeing care services
  • Volunteer and training opportunities

Land-based Activities

  • Organic fruit and vegetable growth
  • Organic low-energy hydroponics micro-greens
  • Organic and ethical animal farming
  • Animal based therapy
  • Outdoor activities for children, including visiting animals and learning experiences in nature
  • Bush-crafting and woodland wellbeing and rehabilitation experiences
  • Use of woodland for fuel, building and crafting, with re-planting/coppicing undertaken to replenish supply
  • Annual KindaVillage festival
  • Animal shelter

Off-Grid Utilities

  • Wind turbine for powering KindaVillage and selling surplus to grid
  • Solar panel installation for powering KindaVillage and selling surplus to grid
  • On-site reed bed filtration system for water supply from stream and/or a well for supply of water
  • Reed bed filtration system for sewerage and/or composting toilets in eco quarter


Organic fruit and vegetable growth

Organic low-energy hydroponics micro-greens

Organic and ethical animal farming