” The greatest ideas are the simplest ”   – William Golding

The KindaVillage Concept

The concept is simple…

  • Find a core team of intentional community members who have a PASSION for social or environmental purpose and the ability to maintain the facilities and activities of KindaVillage.
  • Work with these people to create the intentional community hub as a platform from which to develop the community and social business activities of KindaVillage.
  • Find individuals or groups of people with a good idea for a social or environmental business or project and the ability, PASSION and commitment to build it into something real.
  • Provide them with the right facilities, support and funding to turn their social and/or environmental dreams into a reality
  • Celebrate their achievements when they successfully make the world a better place!
  • Share their knowledge with others to create and support more KindaVillages for our network
  • Watch the movement grow!!


How we see it

Ideally, each KindaVillage would consist of a core group of intentional community residents; people with shared values, who are socially and environmentally conscious and who live and work on site. However, we also see the KindaVillage community embracing those who perhaps do not want to live-in, yet share our values and are interested in starting a business within KindaVillage, OR those who already work in the social care or charitable sector and want to live as part of an intentional community.

It is important that a sense of supportive, interactive community and social purpose prevails in each KindaVillage. It is also very important that our social purpose activities extend into the community outside of KindaVillage; be that the local community or beyond. We want our community members to feel they can stay for life and that they will be supported in their old age; contributing in whatever way they can to KindaVillage activities for as long as they feel able.  Keeping our old stimulated interacting with nature, animals and youth.

We visualise that a typical KindaVillage will be based within nature and work with the land and its natural inhabitants to minimise impact and build self-sustainability. At least part of it will be designated eco-village with off grid eco-homes using eco-friendly energy and water supplies and following permaculture and eco principles as much as possible. An example would be a farm/land type base, or perhaps re-development of a disused site or buildings, with an intent to create a planet-friendly home and workplace.  With most of our social challenges around materialism and urban living we also have a vision for the city kindavillage development, a community co-housing project for low income earners in the care and charity sector



We are open to develop any ideas from individuals or groups that fit with our values which are to be:


With most of our social challenges around materialism and urban living, we also have a vision for the city KindaVillage development, a community co-housing project for low-income earners in the care and charity sector with a destiny to serve

The Small Print

  • We will only support activities that make a positive difference to people, planet or animals.
  • We are looking for selfless and kind individuals who like helping others, not people who just want to make lots of money for themselves or have a cheap place to live!
  • Every person and activity should follow and support the values of our movement and our charity.