Photography retreat with award winning, professional landscape and documentary wedding photographer Andrew Warren

Photography Retreat 5th-8th April

Capture the epic beauty of Ceredigion’s award winning beaches, sandy coves, sea cliffs, spectacular sunsets and starry dark skies through a lens. This 2 day photography retreat will give you the opportunity to take breathtaking photos and enable you to process the images you take.

Whats included

Workshop includes 2 full days tutoring, accommodation*, food and travel to and from stunning photography locations.

What you will need to bring

• Camera – ideally interchangeable lens type
• Lens(es), battery, charger, memory card
• Laptop with photo editing software (see below)
• Walking boots, rain wear, outdoor clothes, sunscreen & insect repellent

Andrew Warren is an award winning, professional landscape and documentary wedding
photographer living in Ceredigion, west Wales.

Photography Retreat Itinerary Photography – Itinerary

Booking essential. Please call or email for a place – 01559 359253