The Missing Kind Charity

The Missing Kind Network
The Missing Kind Network

Our Vision

A compassionate world built on sensitivity,
sharing and sufficiency.

Our Mission

To support dedicated individuals, empowering them to make their difference

to the world and to inspire kindness without boundary.

Our Values

Inclusivity, Empowerment, Social equality, Passion,
Self-sustainability, Community.

The Missing Kind was set up and registered as a UK charity in 2014, with its head office currently in our trading and events venue in Norwich, Norfolk, but with intent to move this to our KindaVillage site in Wales once we have the infrastructure there in place. Initially set on acquiring real estate for our operations and long term security of the charity.
Our charity principally exists to support passionate individuals and groups with their social and environmental causes. We do this by providing support for their charitable endeavours via our community based social enterprise venues.

Our main financial sponsor is Glazing Vision Limited, based in Diss, Norfolk – their generous donations over the last 4 years have allowed the charity to form a network of property assets and contributed towards The Missing Kind’s running costs. Other Commercial sponsors are Visiongroup(GB) Ltd, the holding company of Glazing Vision, and our supporting Hospitality and Wedding venue ‘The Missing Sock’ near Cambridge UK and Preston Sands Hotel in Devon, UK.
Our ultimate aim is to ensure self-sustainability for the charity and its various projects through the commercial endeavour of our growing network of social enterprises, but we are now looking for additional grant-funding and commercial sponsorships throughout 2018/19 to speed this process and make a wider impact.

Social Impact Projects

Our social impact projects invest in community rather than just plug the holes that exist in some charitable areas of work . To this end, The Missing Kind charity (tMK) principally supports the creation of self-sustainable solutions for Social Impact. We seek to attract, partner with and support passionate caring individuals and small groups driven to make-a-difference outside of their own existence; to create perpetual kindness platforms for those so inspired in future generations. We do this through partnering with people and organisations, and providing funding, guidance, training, business and marketing support and the use of facilities at our multiple venues.

The following is a summary of current tMK venues and projects, some still in their infancy or concept stage, and all offering a unique branding and social impact opportunity for visionary sponsors, partners and individuals.

Alternatively, we can reinvest donations of our supporting companies back into the communities from which the profits are generated; wherever a local project exists or can be created in alignment with tMK values. It’s worth noting these projects must be wholly charitable and not of an established nature, so usually run by small groups or passionate individuals, not corporate charities or clubs.

Our Projects and Network

KindaJob  – Unemployable to Employable

A job-share scheme designed for those who desire, but struggle, to hold full-time employment due to mental/physical impairment or history, homelessness, military exposure or other circumstance.  

KindaJob is an initiative facilitated by ‘The Missing Kind’ charity (tMK), the pilots for which will be hosted within the supporting Social Enterprises of the charity.

A cooperative scheme designed to find passions, to build confidence and dignity.  The concept of this scheme is to target those with a will to work, and to support them into long term sustainable employment within their means and desires via the placement of job-shares within partner organisations.

Past the pilot stage, we will also be looking for partner organisations for KindaJob work placements.

More Info about KindaJob

Emerging Kind and Community Sharing Circles – Mental Health

This UK-wide project is training people who have had difficult experiences of mental health (and usually the mental health system), or have had other difficulties in life, to set up and facilitate peer support groups, helping others struggling through the same process.

Once trained, each facilitator will set up their own groups in their local areas around the UK; each group supporting up to 12 people experiencing emotional or psychological distress.

The groups are ‘safe spaces’ that allow people to validate their own experiences without judgement or stigma; empowering them to emerge from their own crises and act on their individual passions to share their unique gifts and kindness and so create a more connected and compassionate world.

We have already funded training places on this scheme and the resultant support groups have either become active or are in the process of being set up. Further funding would enable more group facilitators to be trained to hold more support groups to help more people around the UK.


KindaListening – Mental Health

Training people in deep-listening skills, to identify and support those in their communities in need of an ear. Enabling caring people to use this most valuable life skill and apply it into the needs of society.

The KindaListening project is endorsed and supported by tMK as a way of rippling out kindness in the community. As need is increasing and public services are depleting, we all need to be a resource for ourselves and each other.

We have already trained 80 people who are actively using their KindaListening skills in support of family, friends and strangers within their local communities. Additional Funding would roll out the training programme to more people to deliver support for those in need.


KindaCompany – Planet Sustainability

A drawing board project waiting for sponsorship; the concept of creating a ‘KindaCompany’ accreditation.  Inspiring corporate Boards to use this measure alongside P&Ls and Balance Sheets.

Criteria such as fair conditions of employment, Social Impact in the local community, use of sustainable materials, workplace wellbeing, eco-friendly waste management and recycling, product distribution and energy conservation.  A KindaCompany will have a designated Social Impacter linked into tMK, will be presented with a framed accreditation plaque and an appreciation certificate for each Social Impact project supported.

Funding would enable resource for the setting up and management of the scheme, building partnerships with businesses and promoting their good work.

KindaEducation Education

  • Kindaschooling: has been designed to introduce kindness into the national curriculum for primary education. This is a well developed project currently out for limited trial. Further funding is required to help spread this trial and appoint a full time coordinator/developer and set up a sustainable reference website.
  • Kinda Forest School: is about creating open natural spaces in nature for kindness education to self, humanity, animals and planet. The first Kinda Forest School opens in September 2018 in a beautiful wood in Norfolk, offering child-led learning that is centred around kindness.
  • Democratic Schooling: is an alternative education system that is child led, enabling the children to discover their learning passion and best-self.  From infant to a purposeful career development. tMK has established a project steering group who are building the plan and are now searching for funding for a project co-ordinator, first sites and partners.
  • Inter-generational Kindness Clubs: our first is celebrating 2 years, set up in Diss, Norfolk, home of Sheila Eagle (its founder) and the sponsoring KindaCompany, Glazing Vision Ltd.  An after-school club held in a local care home, jointly making crafts with the elders to distribute in the community through RAOKs (Random Acts of Kindness).  We are looking for sponsors to create and maintain additional clubs in new care home facilities, possibly local to their own businesses.

KindaStory – Inter-Generational, Kindness education

The Wisdom Trail story was created for our preceding charity ‘Generation Journey’ and used to inspire children into seasonal sufficiency, reduced excess and kindness. To also educate the young in respect of elders and their ageing conditions.

In conjunction with KindaSchooling, our Kindness Warrior Sheila transformed the story into an alternative nativity play.

A funding opportunity now exists to support the initial hard copy print run and on-line publication of the Wisdom Trail play. Thereafter this venture will be sustainable from sales revenue and appendix ethical advertising to support the KindaStory book series, following on with educational stories to raise awareness amongst children of homelessness and mental health.

KindaKafe – Local Community

We have the first kindakafe established in Norwich and others planned for Carmarthen and Torbay. KindaKafe is a safe, welcoming space promoting healthy eating and community kindness. It hosts its own charitable and social change events and offers pay-it-forward schemes for those in need. Each will be a hub for Social Enterprise development (KindaBusiness) and networking; if space permits hosting Passion Finder challenges, ‘Detroit Soup’ style pitching and Social Enterprise workshops. Each cafe will sell merchandise from both the tMK charity and local Social Enterprises. We aspire to create a global network of
KindaKafes and funding will enable us to continue to do so.

KindaKafe in Norwich
KindaKafe in Norwich

KindaVillage – Social Enterprise Incubation, Community Living, Elderly Care, Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, Health, Permaculture, Eco Self-Build

The first sustainable community is under construction in Wales.  An Intentional Community and Social Impact Centre, inspiring well-being for all and a model for sustainability.  A model which we aim to spread throughout the world by partnerships with corporate organisations.

A Social Impact experience centre will attract volunteers from around the world, nurturing and developing their social passions.

The KindaVillage in Wales will ultimately become the control centre for Missing Kind projects.

We are actively seeking commercial sponsors to work with us in developing our KindaVillage community facilities and its individual Social Enterprise ventures.


KindaPlace– Community, Health, Homelessness, Employment, Aged

tMK acquired the first of these in 2017, now under transformation from a 2 star budget hotel into a Social Impact centre for 2019 and the second KindaKafe…wish us luck! We have started to use this venue for local community gatherings and activities, also as a half-way house for referred homeless and we have exciting plans to provide co-housing for care sector workers, purposeful retreats, our KindaSound radio station, and more..!

Preston Sands Hotel – A KindaHotel
Preston Sands Hotel - A KindaHotel
Preston Sands Hotel - A KindaHotel

KindaFestivals and Conferences – 3rd and 4th Sector Development

Our first annual public Kindness Festival, celebrating ‘Kindness in Community’ will be held in conjunction with Lupton House, Torbay, Devon UK in July 2019, with consecutive events at our own locations.

Topics such as Human Rights, Alternative Education, Animal Therapy, Nutrition, Social Enterprise development, Holistic therapies, Mental Health – will all feature, as well as the event offering local charities and community groups the opportunity to showcase their work and recruit volunteers for their causes. Plus ethical food and mindful music and entertainment.

Preston Sands Hotel
Preston Sands Hotel at the Seafront
Preston Sands Hotel at the Seafront

KindaCoaching – Personal Motivation Support

Using the power of community to build an online coaching support group forum, where people can be supported by peers to achieve their own goals, be that giving up smoking, adopting a healthier lifestyle, or pursuing their life dreams.

KindaSound Radio – Tuning in for Change

We’ll soon be broadcasting kindness across the airwaves from our new radio station. Inspiring articles and interviews, programmes to get people thinking about world matters, showcasing real-life and creative stories about making a difference, and inspiring people to get involved in social action. Plus some happy and mindful music, wellbeing, healthy cooking, and FUN..!

KindaVan – Mental Health and Kindness promotion

A project at conception stage; a kindness vehicle to park in public spaces and festivals. Promoting all aspects of tMK and local charities, offering an integrated private listening for those in need of ears or counsel. An Audio-visual system would be installed for inspirational film shows and talks.

A great opportunity for corporate branding and team building, funding is sought for the cost of the van and festival booking fees.

The ThankYou Project – Wellbeing

This project is now in its 4th year. It was originally created to offer respite to dedicated carers serving others, often to the detriment of themselves. Currently hosted in a partner respite centre in Norfolk, our intention is to extend this to the KindaVillage and KindaHotel venues, offering a range of different respites.

ThankYou Project
KindaBusiness Hub in Norwich

KindaCity – Promoting Kindness Nationwide

In the mind….a national campaign, in partnership with city councils and local businesses to create kind cities, with a national scheme to award the annual Kindest City Plaque.

A rating scheme would be introduced to evaluate each city for public transport, green spaces, energy conservation, homeless management, kindness and education initiatives, inter-generational activities, recycling, kindness seating, community police, etc, etc

Funding would help us set up and co-ordinate the scheme.

KindaHit – Community

These are low cost Random Acts of Kindness (RAOKs) in the local community, performed by groups of all ages. Lending itself to operating from KindaKafes or just a stall in a shopping centre or market.

Examples include making and distributing kindness crafts and messages, a Pied-Piper drum and RAOK walk, street entertainment, shop bagging/carrying, litter picking, pay-it-forward, etc.

Would be an ideal opportunity for a business to partner with us in organising events in their locality.

Hugh Callacher - tMK Founder

KindaUSA – Charity

Our tMK founder has supported the creation of a commercial company in the United States. The company is projected to be in profit at the end of 2018, hence the search is on to develop a project in the deprived town of Hartford where the company will be based. Our intention is to expand tMK commensurately with our commercial growth in the US.

KindaBusiness – Social Enterprise Development

Offers support to people with a social or environmental passion to set up their own Social Enterprise. We have successfully delivered 3 Social Enterprise schools to date, helping 20+ budding social entrepreneurs to fulfil their dreams and go on to help others with their new social business.

Funding is sought for delivering more workshops, with our current focus being aimed specifically at young people.

KindaBusiness Hub in Norwich

Kindness Missions – Social Impact in the community

We actively seek individuals and small groups to come forward with their ideas for making a difference in their community through their own kindness missions. We can provide funding, guidance, support and facilities to help them deliver their own social impact community projects.

Commercial sponsors providing funds for this initiative could join with us on our Kindness Missions committee, which assesses proposals and allocates funding from a ‘pot’ of money, to worthy projects.

Adarthome, Bulgaria – Community, Aged, Poverty, Health

A small community project supporting an ageing village community in the Rila mountains,

Projects include setting up an arts/craft day centre, supplying seasonal food parcels for all the elders and a community christmas meal.

Our ambition is to support the development of the project into a retreat for cancer sufferers, so funding/sponsorship is sought to help deliver this.

Adarthome, Bulgaria

The Missing Sock

The Missing Sock (tMS) is an alternative and quirky celebrations venue in Cambridge, UK. A Social Enterprise that uses its profits to sustain its volunteer community and our charity, The Missing Kind. tMS is currently in transition, using its commercial venue to link with other charitable organisations and seeking to enable social projects for the benefit of the community in and around Cambridge.

The Missing Sock
The Missing Sock
The Missing Sock in Cambridge

Our thanks to the Shareholders, Directors and Staff of the following who kindly support our endeavours and make KindaVillage, The Missing Kind and all of our charitable projects possible.