Where does the money go?

We wish to lead transparency in the charity sector, revealing our sources, overhead and marketing expenses and any benefits taken by Directors, Trustees and Management.    The sadness about certain charity sector ‘business’ is the manipulation of income to support high salaries and overheads, money frequently donated to further a cause is too often used to fund expenses.  Overhead costs are a reality of charity work but we believe donors should have the option to support the infrastructure or the end cause.  To this end the Founder makes the following statement:-

The Farm Asset purchased for the KindaVillage project is the largest investment by the Missing Kind charity (tMK) to date.  £1m, yep one million quid!  It was a surreal moment signing the bank transfer, recalling the childhood days of dreaming about winning the football pools and how to spend £1m – not the same spending power as then, or indeed the same materialistic intent of those childhood days.  The money has been saved in dividends from my company with the purpose of finding the dream site, so my thanks to all at Glazing Vision Ltd, past and present employees, for working so hard over the years and allowing this reserve to build to make such donations to facilitate this and previous Missing Kind charity acquisitions.

In terms of running costs, we have set up a separate trading company ‘KindaVillage Ltd’ (KV), a social enterprise company limited by guarantee, with all its profits pledged to the Missing Kind Charity for redistribution back to support the village’s charitable activities.  The running costs will be met by zero interest loans from the Founder’s personal interests in Visiongroup (GB) Ltd to tMK. KV will ultimately be self-sustaining from the ethical micro-business activities planned within KV.

In terms of personal benefits, this is limited to trustees of tMK and staff occasionally staying at the village to assist development of the village.  Working in such an inspiring location is truly a perk for serving the charity.  Trustees have the option to receive travel expenses when visiting on tMK matters, all expenses will be managed prudently.

The annual report and accounts of the Missing Kind are available through the Charities Commission. Any written financial queries relating to tMK or KV will be happily received.