Volunteering Roles –

Charitable hands, brains and hearts this way…..

Like to join us and make a difference, not sure where you can fit in…Right! You can! There are many opportunities. Some examples follow or you may have your own passion which we can integrate. We’re focused on supporting those with a passion for social or environmental impact.
Our concept is a pragmatic one so we can best serve the passions of many sectors, penetrating the mechanisms that we often most dislike so we may influence change from within; starting with compromise, not purism, although we support the drive towards that goal.

The Admin team

Loads of back office stuff to do: general paperwork maintenance, financial management, operational development, secretarial support for the charity the Missing Kind.

Community Maintenance

This is endless and so important to maintain the right ambience in KindaVillage. Housekeeping is a skillset we need to support the working and living environment, maintenance skills to repair and improve, a creative cooking team to inspire a vegetarian diet.

IT and Media

Loads here too we need help with: social media, producing our history video, writing newsletters, creating publicity material for events, website maintenance, website and social media packs to kick-start community businesses. PR expertise would be fantastic for us too.


Helping to develop awareness within the local community, promoting our start up Social Enterprises, giving advice to community projects and Social Enterprise start-ups, analysing and supporting the Missing Kind’s charity network trading companies. We have big ambitions to influence business ethics.

Social Enterprise Support

We want to inspire business start-ups with a social objective. We can do this by organising events in the community like the ‘Detroit Soup’, the Social Enterprise challenge to help aspiring entrepreneurs find their potential and by setting up a Social Enterprise support hub for such businesses. You may have the professional skills to help mentor these aspiring individuals, or could be part of the organising and hosting team, or assist with start-up admin challenges.

Social Impact

This is what we exist for – creating, finding and supporting passionate people dedicated to a cause. You may have a project, you may wish to support one of ours, or you may be the creative one fishing the community for the most suitable projects aligned with our values.

Fund Raising

Although we have, thus far, been ‘self-funded’ via the business interests of the charity’s founder, we are now ready and capable of managing donated funds from others; from commercial sponsors or institutional funding pots. For this we need bid writers to source and compile our applications. We also need a tenacious and cheeky sales team to hit corporates and local businesses to dig into their social responsibility.
Note: All funds raised for a specific project will be dedicated to that project and fully transparent, overhead costs will be supported by our own commercial endeavours.

The Eco-team 

These are the guys that will pioneer the eco-quarter, a designated area of the village reserved for a natural and minimalistic living. Starting from scratch, talking with planning consultants, negotiating with building control, designing the permaculture, eco-buildings and utility systems. An amazing opportunity to pioneer an educational centre and a point of reference for others, all without the financial liability of land purchase.

Well-being and Entertainment

With everyone focused on KindaVillage development, we need people who can lead mind and body well-being activities, organise events, create spontaneous fun!

Resource Marketeers

We have a magnificent site which we need to develop for tourism income to support our activities. Cottage and caravan letting are good for a few pennies, themed retreats for well-being, nature watching, photography and walking. An equinox festival? What about wedding celebrations and specialist conferences? The door is open for adventure, fun and success.

A unique opportunity to help pioneer this landmark project, have purposeful fun, make a real difference in the world and meet some amazing people.